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『The “TELINK 050 International Phone App” 』allows you to make a call from outside Japan using your own smartphone at a low cost during your personal or business trip,and allows you to make a call from Japan at a low cost to your friends or business customers living outside Japan.

  • Call rate from outside Japan to Japan

  • Call rate from Japan to outside Japan

『TELINK 050 国際電話 アプリ』を利用すれば、旅行や出張時にご自身のスマホで国際電話を利用した際や、日本から海外のお友だちや取引先にかける際の通話料金が格安になります。
『TELINK 050 国際電話 アプリ』を利用すれば、旅行や出張時にご自身のスマホで国際電話を利用した際や、日本から海外のお友だちや取引先にかける際の通話料金が格安になります。

*Packet communication fees are charged to the customers

The TELINK 050 International Phone App is recommended for people like the following

  1. Ms. A who makes her first overseas trip

    Ms. A is looking forward to making her first overseas trip. She is asked to call their parents when she arrives at the destination.She is worried that she may be getting an expensive bill if she makes an international call to Japan from outside Japan.Also, her impressions on the sound quality of free phone services are bad. To make matters worse, it appears that her parents don’t understand how to use it at all.
  2. Ms. B who uses a rental mobile phone when she makes an overseas trip

    Ms. B loves making a trip and travels abroad frequently. So, she gets used to make a trip but she feels renting a mobile phone every time she goes abroad is tedious. She has been looking for some more convenient and inexpensive ways to make an international call that eliminate the tedious procedures.
  3. Mr. C who is a salaried worker and makes international business trips frequently

    Mr. C makes international business trips frequently. He had been reporting the progress of his project in Shanghai to his boss in Tokyo using international calls, and the next month he received a phone bill of 250,000 yen. He wants to lower the cost of his phone calls, since he anticipates to have more overseas trips in the future.

People like the above should definitely use the TELINK 050 International Phone App!!

The “3 reasons” why the TELINK 050 International Phone App has been supported by our users

  1. You are ready to go instantly!

    It takes only 3 steps to get ready

    1. Installation Install from
      “App Store”/”Google Play”
    2. Authenticating your phone number Authenticate your phone number
      by following the instructions
      on the app
    3. Charging money Charge any amount of
      money as you like
      (credit card registration is
      not required)
    4. Start using it
  2. Overwhelmingly cheap call rates

    Making a call to Japan from anywhere in the world only costs 1 yen/3seconds!

    The “TELINK 050 International Phone App”only charges 1 yen/3 seconds for making a call to Japan from countries such as America, China, or Thailand.Also, it’s free to make a call to a 050 number assigned to you. *Packet communication fees are charged to the customers

    • Company d’s case
    • TELINK’s case
  3. Advantages to use 050 numbers

    We will assign a separate 050 number for you which is different from the normal phone number of your smartphone

    The “TELINK 050 International Phone App”allows you to obtain a separate 050 number which is different from the normal phone number assigned to your smartphone. Having 2 different numbers for 1 smartphone gives you various usage other than normal international phone calls.For instance, you can use different phone numbers for different purposes, such as using the normal number for private purposes and 050 number for business purposes.

    Advantages to obtain a 050 number

    • It allows you to make a call to various types of phones

      Regardless of the peer’s location, domestic or international, you can make a call to a land-line phones and/or mobile phones

    • Receiving a call is also cheap

      Receiving a call with a conventional mobile phone number(such as 090 or 080) outside Japan costs a lot. With the TELINK app, incoming calls to your 050 number cost nothing!

    *Packet communication fees are charged to the customers

How to use the TELING 050 International Phone App

It’s very simple to use the app.
Very easy to use since it uses a dial screen
similar to the conventional one in your
Register a contact to the address list and
you can immediately make a call.
A history is available for incoming calls as well.
Select the charge button, charge money,
and you are ready to go.


To install the TELINK 050 app, go here

  • App Store
  • Google play